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Vitamin D and Life Insurance

Will TakingVitamin D and Life Insurance a Vitamin D Supplement Affect Your Life Insurance Rate?

The good news is a taking a vitamin D supplement will not affect your rate or underwriting when applying for life insurance.

Physicians are increasingly recommending vitamin D (sometimes referred to as the “sunshine vitamin) supplements to their patients to fix the deficiency caused by inadequate exposure to the sun.  A vitamin D deficiency can lead to  health problems such as; increased risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive issues, autoimmune disease, depression and cancer. Vitamin D supplements can be bought over the counter and are inexpensive, however the highest dose form of 50,000 units can only be bought by prescription. Fortunately at this time most major life insurance companies will not increase your price if your taking a Vitamin D supplement.

Are you taking a vitamin D supplement?  Compare rates now from the major life insurance companies in America now using our quote engine.

How to Get a Life Insurance Quote if  You a Take Vitamin D Supplement

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